Covid Critters

Made by Lisa Anne

I’m getting rather hooked on sculpture, and this community of critters has been keeping me company in the studio during this time of shelter-in-place.

I enjoy using lots of texture and embellishments (as you can see!) on top of the finished sculptures. I really like using pmc without flour added. I had my stash of cheap-o 1-ply TP already before the hoarding started, and stocked up on joint compound and glue in early March, so I’m good to go for awhile yet!

Next up? Hmmm…. thinking I’ll put wings on a chair, start my long-awaited for dragon, make some quicker things (fish?), and who knows what else.

Thanks Jonni, and all you other creative folks, for inspirational ideas!!

Wood duck made with paper mache clay
Stork made with paper mache clay

6 thoughts on “Covid Critters”

  1. Loving your birds & the extra added bit of ‘bling’. I really like how you’ve used shells on the sand to. It’s those little added extras that can really ‘finish’ a piece. Great job.

  2. Fabulous! All your critters are fun and whimsical. I especially love the bejeweled loon! They should have jewels on them, such great birds.

  3. I love your critters, but the pelican especially grabbed me. You look like you are having a lot of fun. All your to-be-done projects sound fun. I would love to see fish, a dragon, and wings on a chair.

    (Yeah, my watercolor definitely took a backseat!)

  4. Between skills and inspiration from you, Jonni, those of your creative posting guest sculptors, and Dan Reeder’s Papier/cloth mache (https://gourmetpapermache.com/), I am off to the races!

    I REALLY like your paper mache recipes and enjoy employing Dan’s cloth mache ideas as well. A total game-changer!

    Two-dimensional paintings will be far and few between I think now! 😉


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