Cheetah Sculpture

Made by Juan Sebastian

I made this sculpture using the paper mache clay without flour recipe from here. At first, I’ve never worked with any kind of paper mache, but I’ve made other sculptures with clay or plaster before. Actually, it was simple to make the recipe and I’m happy with the result.

The reason why I made this cheetah is because I needed one to work on a project for my art class. And so, I made this installation.

Thank you so much Jonni for your tutorials on how to make paper mache sculptures. I’ll try and create some more when I have the time.

Cheers from Québec/Canada!


3 thoughts on “Cheetah Sculpture”

  1. Wow, that is great! First attempt at paper mache? Mighty impressive! Well done and I like the little tea party as well!

  2. Your cheetah is paying attention. The face is amazing to me. And I love that he has made a furever friend over for lunch! Great.


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