The Zebra

Made by Jon Keller

This guy was made from newspaper paper mache .
I started by making a frame …… using cardboard tubing ( toilet paper tubes ) , wire and aluminum foil .
The paper mache was made by tearing newspaper into small pieces , soaking them in water overnight , and then running the wet paper through a blender . This created a pulp which I then drained and kneaded with white glue .
The paper mache was applied to the frame just a little at a time , allowing it to completely harden in between applications.
The ears were made with cardboard and the tail is twisted twine rolled in paper tape .
The mane is cut leather .
The paint job was done with acrylic paint .
From start to finish the project took me about 2 weeks .
I am thinking about making a grassy looking platform for display , but maybe not , since I kinda like it the way it is.

Zebra after adding the paper pulp and before painting.
Zebra after adding the paper pulp and before painting.
Zebra, beginning to paint the stripes
Zebra, beginning to paint the stripes

5 thoughts on “The Zebra”

  1. Love it! Leather mane was a stroke of genius. Perfect proportions. I like it as is also. It can certainly stand alone (pun intended) no need for a grassy field.

  2. Thank you.
    And yes , the stripes were a challenge . After I painted one side I took a picture of it , and then reversed it . I used the reversed image as my reference to paint the other side , so the two sides would match .


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