The Dragon Hatchling

Made by Jon Keller

I made a baby dragon just coming out of his egg . It is made from used printer paper that was torn into little pieces , soaked in water and ground to a pulp. Then the water was squeezed out and the pulp was kneaded with white glue.
The body has a wooden armature and the tail has a wire armature.
The scales were made with the inside circle that you get when you punch a hole with a hole puncher.
Clear glass beads , painted black on the inner surface , were used for the eyes.
The wings were made with leather ( re-purposed from an old purse ) wire and very thin wooden dowels.
Everything was painted with acrylic paint and glazed with matte varnish.

Baby dragon wings and tail

Baby dragon in progress

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6 thoughts on “The Dragon Hatchling”

  1. So great! That you spent all that time putting on those tiny scales is amazing! You are the master at repurposing regular household items. Nice job!


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