“Easy rabbit she said”

Made by Carla Neubauer

Easy my butt! Lol okay in all fairness, I’ve never sculpted or used clay before. I’ve gotten this guy this far and I’m surprised at that!
He totally turned into a jackalope.

I’ll appreciate the pros like you next time I see anything sculpted!

4 thoughts on ““Easy rabbit she said””

  1. hi carla, love your little guy. if it’s any help and conciliation I have been there did that. I have did 3 so far and I am pushing the boat out a little further I just hope I don’t end up getting drowned I had a little help from one of my pets who thought she would try her paw at paper mache . I am sending a photo to daily sculpture page.

  2. Artistic license should be rewarded. Who says rabbits can’t have antlers? Jackalope may be ready for a costume party. He has a simple structure that is wonderful. I really like him. Makes me smile.

  3. Yeah, Jonni makes things look so easy, doesn’t she? In her defense, I happen to know that she agonizes, rearranges, alters just about every sculpt. Rather the perfectionist. Admit it now, wasn’t it fun and rewarding? Your jackalope is quite cute and you should be proud!

  4. Carla, I think your jackalope is delightful. And your post definitely made me smile, even if you may have sent a few indelicate words in my direction while you were making him. 🙂


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