Sculpt Bear Fur with Paper Mache Clay

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This is an easy way to sculpt realistic fur with paper mache clay.

๐Ÿป If you’d like to see the finished grizzly bear mask, with the pattern and a video showing how I painted it, you can find it here.

ย I did try using a real sculpting tool for the fur, but the lines I got with it were too straight. So I folded a small piece of aluminum foil, and made an adjustable curved tool for sculpting fur.

For the really wild areas on the bear’s head I crumpled the foil “tool” so it was slightly zig-zaggy (that’s a word, isn’t it?) and it added even more of a wild look to the fur.

I used a very thin layer of paper mache clay over the cardboard mask. To make a thin layer, leave out some of the flour in the recipe. You can find the recipe here

>>Do you have any tips for sculpting ‘wild’ fur? Let us know in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Sculpt Bear Fur with Paper Mache Clay”

  1. Wow……looks fantastic.
    Love your excitement and the way you explain things so clearly. I cant wait to give it a go.
    Thank you

  2. Jonni! You did it again!
    You keep surprising yourself, donโ€™t you!
    This self-made tool will become part of my arsenal of ideas, too. It is such a versatile creation. It can be shaped in unlimited fashion to meet many situations.
    Thanks for sharing this great tip!
    Bonnie Hollingsworth


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