Samurai Helmet —- Kabuto

Made by Alan Monteith

I down loaded this pattern and printed it on card stock. It was flimsy, so I covered it in paper mache. I should have known better but the moisture greatly distorted my helmet. That is ok, I was just interested if I liked the size and design. It is not big enough to wear but it is the same size as a collectable one that I bought on eBay. I am sort of happy with it but as always, I get excited to finish it that the quality is lacking. I might make one out of steel one day.

Helmet mask made with paper mache and papercraft pattern

Helmet mask made with paper mache and papercraft pattern

2 thoughts on “Samurai Helmet —- Kabuto”

  1. Thanks so much for you kind heart. I have been doing some metal art. My machine is working now that it is warm. The problem is, since I have moved for south east Wisconsin (Racine) to a very small town in north west Wisconsin, I have no friends and no customers.

  2. Hi Alan. What a coincidence! I was going over my really old posts this morning and I cam across this guest post by Simon. Now we see that you’re working on a similar project. It was Simon’s post that inspired me to make four of my patterns. He’s also the one who suggested that we can keep the paper mache from making the card stock wet by covering it with wide plastic tape before cutting out the pieces. I decided to use really wide “tape” – clear contact paper that’s normally used to line shelves and drawers.

    Since you’re still working with paper, does that mean it’s still not warm enough for you to work outside on your metal art? This design would be really interesting if it was made with metal. If you do it, remember to let us see how it turns out. 🙂


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