DIY Hercules Belt

Made by James Miller

Step 1.
I cut the shape using a soldering iron.

Step 2.
I separated around a dozen paper-towels’.

Step 3.
I mixed PVA glue and water into a bowl then brushed it on.

Step 4.
I placed the paper-towel sheets all around, forming the shape of the belt, giving it a second brushing of glue/water.

I tape off where the “H” is stenciled on (actually used a ruler).

Step 6.
I painted the belt with black acrylic and used yellow and acrylic for the buckle/center piece.

Step 7. I fixed Velcro to the belt strap with hot glue to secure the belt to your waist.

Step 8.
I cut out a small square piece of flexible Styrofoam for a place to hold Hercules’ “Ring” and glued it to the backside of the (H) I painted it an acrylic midnight-blue.

The last thing to do is cut a notch for the ring, Wrap the Belt around you and – Don’t forget the “Ring” when you (H)ang your Belt up!

Herculese belt made with paper mache

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