Planter using skull form

Made by Naomi Askey

I used Jonni’s skull form at 60% as the base for these gargoyle/grotesque faces on this planter. I used foam board to tape the sides together and used pal tiya clay to sculpt the faces. I watched Jonni’s video on sculpting faces which was really helpful.


4 thoughts on “Planter using skull form”

  1. Nice planter! Is this your first foray into using Pal Tiya? How did you like it? It’s a bit different than paper mache, isn’t it? I use it as well and find it fabulous but one has to get used to its limitations (as in drying times, etc.) Nice work.

    • thanks, i really cant get to grips with pal tiya at all, i bought a big bag so im just trying to use it up as its so expensive. i much prefer paper clay and paverpol

      • Have you watched any of the PAL Tiya tutorials? They are helpful in learning how to mix the right consistently and how to do it in stages. The big bag IS very pricey, I hope you can find enough projects to use it all. Tip: make sure the bag is protected from moisture, it will get little pebbles in it which are hard to work with. I put mine in a large plastic trash bag and also put it in a Tupperware container. Good luck!


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