6 thoughts on “Plague Mask”

  1. I love the versatility of paper mache, how humble materials can be transformed into such a finely finished piece. The gold leaf provided just the right shine and detail to elevate that mask. Thanks for information about your painting process. Beautifully made.

  2. I like to experiment! Acrylic pour paints were perfect for this project and wearing latex gloves. It was messy but, oh… so much fun! I always make sure I have an old vinyl shower curtain laying around down in my studio before I get going with an idea like this one. I just roll up the shower curtain when I am done and clean up is not a nightmare. ?

  3. Lisa Anne, thank you for your lovely comment about my mask. I used very thin sand paper to sand it down. It was labor intensive. I also used my dremel to help me with the process. I found out that using a blow dryer outside to blow off the papier marche dust was a must. I applied gesso. Then I messed around with my brown(s), yellow , black pour paints . Then I remembered I had gold leaf paint I had an (Aha moment) somewhere in my studio. Bowns, black a smidge of yellow and gold leaf. Some of the paint was poured on to get a marble like look and of course had to turn the masks everywhich way to achieve that look. I had some difficulty with the gold leaf..but in the end it turned out to my satisfaction. I applied a high gloss varnish to bring out the marble like look. I used paint brushes and sponges as well, to create the look. I hope this was helpful to you.


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