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  1. So nice to hear a little bit about you, seems you’ve been on a pretty incredible journey. And, yes, it’s wonderful Jonni shares her talent and knowledge with all of us. We all need someone to inspire us, even if we think we are talentless and doomed to failure. It’s why I always come back and visit this site when I can.

    • Thank you for your compliment Rhonda. As like most artists, my life and my work has been a journey. I started drawing and painting as a small child. Then I moved on to clay sculpting and worked professionally, as an Art Therapist. I had the honor to teach the Blind and the Deaf. Both young and older populations. I taught both groups, how to work with clay. I also learned American Sign Language and later E.S.L, to teach the deaf. Teaching them to make pinch pots, and free form pieces. They never thought that they could create because they could not see or hear. I taught the Blind to to “see” with their hands, using clay. My philosophy has always been, everyone can create. Given the right mediums, love and guidance anyone can create if they are willing to try. My Blind clients were the most enthusiastic people, I was so honored to teach them. I also worked with people with early onset dementia with clay. It was a very rewarding job. I loved and learned so much from the people I taught and helped them with their struggles. In my studio throughout the years, I went on to wood carving and stone sculpting. I also did what I would describe as “found object art” which was an absolutely incredible journey. Those pieces are hanging up in Venice, Italy. I recently discovered, Jonni Good and fell in love with her YouTube channel. I am retired now and a grandmother. My daughter asked me to make some papier mache masks for my grand son’s bedroom wall. Animal sculptures are now, on my too do list! Thanks to Jonni and her incredible talent and her warm inviting spirit. I am getting acquainted with you and others on the Daily Sculptors Page!


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