Outdoor paper mache head painted to look cast.

Made by Tony Perry

I used Jonni’s mannequin head pattern as an armature for my sculptured head . I covered it in a paper clay and concrete mix adding to the nose, chin and head to develop my own character. Once dry I removed the card and foil from inside the head and filled it with expanding foam and a concrete base for weight. This was a prototype for a much bigger head I want to produce for our garden . Thank you to Jonni for her excellent website and inspiration .

Sculpted head for the garden made by Tony Perry

5 thoughts on “Outdoor paper mache head painted to look cast.”

  1. Hi Jonni ,
    Thank you for your kind words. I applied the paste quite thinly for the main part of head, no more than 5mm thick. For the nose, , lips , chin and cheekbones up to 20mm in places. The thicker it is the slightly longer it takes to dry. I covered the pattern head in thin aluminium foil before applying the paper/ glue/ cement mix. On this sculpt I removed the paper and foil ( as best I could ) from inside before filling the head with expanding foam and sealing the opening at the bottom with more clay. The whole thing was then painted and sealed.

    I hope to make a twice size head later on in the year with a Green Man theme and I’ll make a short video showing the process which you are welcome to have a copy of when it’s done .

    Thanks again for your interest.


    • Yes, we would love to see your video! This guy on YouTube makes large fake rocks with concrete over cardboard. I think he leaves the cardboard inside, and it seems to work for him – but he uses a fairly thick layer of concrete, and heavy cardboard. I really like your idea of using the foam to add some internal support. Can’t wait to see your Green Man sculpture. :)

    • Hi Jonni, thank you for posting my “cast head” head photos
      I used a very basic mix, so for this head it was more of a thick paste made up of

      1 half cup of wet shredded paper pulp
      1 half cup of water resistant PVA
      Two thirds of a cup of cement
      One quarter cup of dry mortar mix.

      It is usable for about 3 hours and drys hard over a couple of days. I then painted it with acrylic paints and pigments and then sealed it with water based Matt polyurethane sealer.
      I’m still testing the mix for outdoor use , but I have some solid lumps of the mix that have been outside for two winters and they are holding up well. This is my first hollow sculpt for outside use so I’ll let you know how it survives .

      • Thanks, Tony! I have been thinking about experimenting with some form of weatherproof material to go over my patterns, because it would be fun to design some for use outside. You beat me to it! How thickly did you apply your mix, and did you use any reinforcing tape or wire over the cardboard? If you ever do something like this again, would you be interested in making a how-to article for us? This is really an exciting idea – especially since your sculpture looks so nice. :)


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