Mrs Gardener Figurine

Made by Linda Crawford

My first real attempt at a folk art doll. She stands about 38 cm tall. Created using paper mache balloon for the body covered in my own paper pulp clay. The upper arms and legs are made from the same paper pulp and head and lower arms from air dry clay. Here clothing is fabric mache made from an old sheet and painted as are the flowers. Her hair and gardening bucket are made from paper pulp, hedgehog is air dry clay and tools are air dry clay and wooden sticks. I took inspiration from images I have seen on line and techniques from you Jonni. I had an idea in my head and she sort of evolved as I went along. I didn’t use any patterns, just went with the flow!

Paper mache roses

Tools for Mrs Gardener figurine

7 thoughts on “Mrs Gardener Figurine”

  1. This is wonderful, a true piece of art. The details just make the piece. Did you use the air dry clay in many layers or did you use it like clay, in one piece? Great work! Congrats!!!

  2. This is so great! The expression, the details into her flowers and tools. Looks like someone I have seen before. Great job!

  3. Mrs. Gardener, you can come be my neighbor any time! And I have great neighbors. What a fun sculpture with talent and character all her own. Thanks so much for sharing, Linda.

    • Thank you so much Rex. I have only been doing paper mache for about a year and mostly bowls. I have seen so many lovely sculptures that I thought I would have a go. I find the heads/faces the most difficult but after a few practice heads came up with the one I felt most suited her. I really appreciate your comments and you taking the time to post them.


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