My frog, Sir Engelbert Hopperdink

Made by Maggie Miller

This is my first paper mache project since 5th grade!

I was/am in quarantine, or as I refer to it “Artist-in-Residence”. I decided to try a paper mache sculpture because an artist friend of mine literally dropped off a plastic shopping bag of paper she had chopped up in her blender with water. I made the armature out of plastic shopping bags, newspaper, and masking tape. I also fashioned the toes out of wire and then coated them with paper strips and then the paper clay. I did a few layers of strips and then covered it all with the paper clay. I also decided I didn’t want to paint him so I painted a bunch of papers and collaged them onto the frog. It was a really fun project. Thanks for your recipes and advice.

Paper Mache Frog

Paper Mache Frog

5 thoughts on “My frog, Sir Engelbert Hopperdink”

  1. You can’t go wrong with frogs, and the colors are spectacular. A great way to liven up anywhere. Best to you.


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