Florence the Chicken

Made by Sandy Reinhardt

I am inspired by the wonderful animals you make Jonni and decided to try my hand. I’ve made a few simple things and then moved on to an animal. My daughter loves all kinds of chickens. I could not find a chicken pattern to try, so created my own chicken. She is a balloon mold with a styrofoam head. Crafted with the no flour paste over newspaper strips. I had a delightful time and am moving on to the next creation and working up to your Giraffe pattern.

Paper mache chicken

Paper mache chicken

5 thoughts on “Florence the Chicken”

    • The wings and tail are torn newspaper that I made feather bundles of. I then kind of dry brushed painted them and glued each bunch on until I liked the look.

  1. She’s got attitude. I’ve been around chickens much of my life and you captured how they act. Love Florence. Funny.


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