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  1. I am amazed on how Leo came alive by using Burlap fabric. The facial fur is finely cut burlap, more like a dust consistency. The burlap strands are the content of the mane, meaning each strand is pulled from the burlap fabric. Leo’s spirals are natural. When a group of strands are dipped in a mixture of gloss medium and water, it spirals on its own. His coloring was created with fabric paint, acrylic and color pencil.

    • Hi Janice. I love how this sculpture came out. The fur is mesmerizing. Thank you for explaining about the burlap, but I’d love to hear more. How did you make the fur look like that? You say it’s finely cut burlap, but how did you affix it? Did you spread glue on the surface and then rub in the burlap? If you could explain more I would love to try this out on some upcoming sculpture projects. Thanks Janice, and keep up the great works.

      • Hi Noah, First finely cut burlap to a dust consistency. Then paint a thin layer of glue (I prefer Titebond) on your piece. Just place a mound of the dust on the layer of glue. Then when dry, brush off the loose dust, leaving a thin layer. Currently, I am working on the giraffe and elephant, using cotton canvas instead of burlap. I hope this helps. If not, contact me for a FaceTime demo janiceyuen626@gmail.com.


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