Frank – Made with Paper Cement Clay

Made by Anthony Moors

I wanted to test Jonni’s weather proof paper Mache clay recipe.
So, I took an old Halloween prop I made several years ago out of Pink Foam and recreated it with the new recipe.
Every thing went well except, I should have sifted the Portland cement before I added it to the mix. I had a ton of small pebbles in the mix that made it hard to smooth it out.

5 thoughts on “Frank – Made with Paper Cement Clay”

  1. Hi Anthony, I do have a question about what you would recommend sealing, with the receipt, you used, I have some ideas but would like to try your idea.

  2. In regards to the pebbles…I have found in previous purchases from hardware supply stores, that if it isn’t stored inside (I live in a high humidity and rain area), that moisture will get into the bags creating “pebbles or rocks” Also, you want to make sure that your cement is stored in air tight containers. Love your Frank sculpture.

  3. Hi Jonni
    I have been inspired by previous works of yours and created two dragons for my small grandchildren.
    I would love to make a rabbit(s) from the new cement clay to put in my new garden when my house build is completed in December. Can you please send me the recipe?

    • Hi Di. The paper cement clay is an experimental recipe. That’s why I haven’t put it on our official recipes page yet. We don’t know how long it will last in a garden, so keep that in mind while you’re sculpting your new bunnies. You can find the recipe here, and you can see the types of paint and sealer that I used here. The sealer is really important, but we still don’t know how well that works, either. “Frank” is one of the first sculptures that readers have made with the new recipe. 🙂

  4. Hi Anthony. Thanks for trying out the new recipe. I appreciate your feedback – and it looks like you may have answered a common question. People have asked me if the new recipe would stick to foam. Did you apply the clay directly to your old foam prop? If so, we now know it will work. Be sure to let us know if that’s what you did. 🙂

    I’m surprised that your Portland cement had pebbles in it. I thought they only add those to the cement mixes, not to the Portland cement all by itself. Mine was just a really fine powder. Would you be able to sift out the pebbles with a wire sieve, like the kind used in the kitchen? And what brand of cement were you using?


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