Covid cronies

Made by Trui Malten

All my theatre work dried up from one day to the next in March. I am mainly a lighting designer, but I have done some sets and made small ‘dioramas’ inspired by poetry, for the Livepoetryjukebox I run with my friend Adie Mueller. This fall I started making small sculptures, which I had never done before. I made Jonni’s super smooth paper mache of which I made the Covid Cuddle in the first picture below. Later I made a second batch with corm meal instead of ordinary flour, which makes it a little harder to control, but gives interesting results, as you can see in the second picture: Falling/Floating. The third picture shows how I think they should be placed: high up on the wall, or in a corner. I have been posting them on instagram and today I made a website for them. I Hope you like them. Trui

Falling/Floating air dry clay sculpture

Air dry clay sculptures


3 thoughts on “Covid cronies”

  1. Clever and imaginative sculptures! I’m a bit leery about using corn meal, though I liked the texture. Even with regular paper mache, sometimes critters like mice like to gnaw on them, I think they would definitely like the corn meal even better. Make sure they are sealed heavily with several coats of varnish which might mask the smell and prevent them from eating your work!

    • Hi Eileen,
      I hope that not much of your work has been eaten! I was thinking that hanging them high up on the wall will prevent the critters from getting to them. They are actually quite small, between 2 to 6 inches. I am worried that many layers of varnish will make the details disappear. Especially the faces work very much with light and shadow to suggest features.
      Thank you for the heads up though!


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