How the Concrete Lion Head Came Out (Plus Tips on Using Quikwall…)

lion mask patternNote: I recently created a new lion mask pattern. It’s a great choice if you love lions but you don’t want to hand-sculpt a lion’s face out of clay and cast it in concrete. The downloadable lion mask pattern is made with cardboard pieces taped together, plus one layer of paper mache and that lovely raffia mane (made with a cheap table skirt). It isn’t waterproof, though, like the concrete lion in the video.

And now, back to the original post:

I realized a few days ago that I forgot to show you how the concrete lion head came out. I added a bronze coating from Sculpt Nouveau, and didn’t like the green patina. I went over it with iron coating, and added the Tiffany green patina heavily to make it rust. Now I like it a lot better.

I also figured out how to get a nice casting with the Quikwall, by using a “plasticizer” in the mix.

Links to some of the things mentioned in the video:

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  1. Hello Jonni. I am very much a beginner to creating paper mache’ projects. I’m on a committee to decorate a small shuttle bus to be used in a parade. I would like to suggest that we put a large lions head on the front and tail on back. Is this possible to create at home? Is there a pattern for this?

    • Hi Simone. I’m sure it’s possible, but I don’t know if anyone else has ever done it before. I have a lion mask pattern that has been enlarged by a lot of people, but not as large as the one you’re thinking of making. You could take the pattern file to your local printer and have it printed on larger paper. Then you’d need to find some big pieces of cardboard to stick it to. If you do this, we all want to see how it comes out, so please post some photos on the Daily Sculptors page! :)

  2. Oh my I almost forgot =- wanted to ask you how you would paint this lion if you were using going to use acrylic paints?

    • I’d probably find a nice middle tone for the yellow fur, and then use glazes to add some variation and put a dark color on and wipe it off, to bring out the details.

  3. Well I went and done it =- after having moderate success in copying your snow leopard mask I went ahead and did a lion complete with wild wild mane.

    How do I do it – I use masking tape and newspapers and tons of it just as if they were clay and mold my creatures over a home made gauze lift off of my own face which I use a base for the process.

    So you have done it again – got my creative juices flowing Jonni.

    After the “newspaper clay” sculpt is finished I plan to do as I did with the snow leopard and will paint my sculpted lion with petroleum jelly and than put a barrier layer of thin plastic so when I paper over the whole think with a mixture of wood glue and water it will lift off at which point I tape it to a board and proceed to paper mache some more with the glue mixture to make it strong. Once dry and strong I retape to a board and sculpt over it with Celluclay. When I hope I haven’t bored you.

  4. Hi Jonni. I am loving your website. Can you tell me more about the coatings on your concrete lion sculpture? I live in New Zealand, I hope that I can buy it here. You mentioned rust as well.
    Interested in your reply. Warm regards

    • Hi Sally. I used the bronze and iron coatings, and the Tiffany patina, from Sculpt Nouveau. I’m sure they would ship to you in New Zealand, but the shipping would probably be fairly expensive. The coatings are made with metal powder mixed with an acrylic base, and if you spray the patina on when the coating is still wet, you get rust or oxidation. There are some good videos on YouTube that show the process in great detail.

  5. You are such a talented artist. I think your work is amazing! i am always looking your projects & you my guide making a sculpture..Thank you johnni…

  6. Jonni, You are such a talented artist. I think your work is amazing! Thank you for letting us into your studio to view your creations.

  7. I’m sure you have heard it before .. You are the best .. I have learned so much from you .. I wished you lived closer I want to see your studio and get to know you better!
    Honestly, I am a better painter, I have better go-to skills. I can think a sculpture up and know exactly how to approach it .. All because of YOU
    I have made your piggy and someone BOUGHT IT from me! So I have even made money because of you!!
    You are simply the best!
    Thank you Jonni for all the time you take, your thoughtful procedures and endless videos! Please never stop!

  8. Nice Jonni! Are you considering having this guy as a possibility for your show? Or will all your entries be one of a kind?

  9. He is perfect Jonni! Love the finish you chose for him. Can not wait to try my hand at this. Thank you always for tackling projects and sharing so freely for us.


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