Making a Helmet Mask with Paper Mache

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OK, this video is a bit choppy and weird, but I spent too many hours making it, so I went ahead and posted it. The mask itself came out really nice, but the video is a bit – well, I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Let me know if you like the faux iron and bronze version, or the iron oxide-colored paint over the metallic coatings. Or do you think just plain old paint would have been more effective? And, I’d be even more interested in knowing if you make up stories when your working on your art projects. If not, what does go through your mind when you’re building your sculptures and masks? I’ve been thinking a lot about the creative process, and that’s my excuse for asking. Besides, I’m just naturally curious. 🙂

Links to items mentioned in the video:

  • Paintings by Jessie Rasche – one of her paintings was accepted in the Oil Painters of America Western Regional Show in Topeka, KS. It’s almost impossible to get in, so way to go, Jessie! And another painting recently won first place at a local juried art show. That’s my kid, in case you didn’t know why I’m bragging.
  • WED clay. I recently made a mask using WED clay, and used thin plastic wrap to keep the clay from causing the discoloration of the paper mache. Watch that video before making a helmet mask.
  • My mask book
  • Styrofoam head I uses as the mask form

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