Painting the Paper Cement Clay Toad

Painting the paper cement clay toad sculpture

The leaf casting and toad are now painted and ready to go out into the yard. They were sculpted with paper cement clay, an experimental weatherproof paper mache clay recipe that we’re just now trying out, to see how well it holds up with rain, sun and snow.

Making a Leaf Casting with Waterproof Paper Mache Clay

Leaf Casting with Weatherproof Paper Mache Clay2 yt

This leaf casting is made with our experimental weatherproof (cement-based) paper mache clay. When it’s cured and painted, it will go out in the garden and left there for several seasons, to see how well it holds up in the rain and snow.

Weatherproof Paper Cement Clay for Outdoor Sculptures

Weatherproof paper mache clay recipe for outdoor sculptures

These two new recipes for paper mache clay appear to be weatherproof. They’re based on a recipe from Warren Eggleton, who created giant pots with weatherproof paper mache clay, and they stayed outside on Australia for at least 6 years.

DIY Gnome Update

DIY Gnome Update

My DIY Gnome spent the winter outside, in Minnesota – and it’s still waterproof and hard as a rock. Success. Except for the varnish…