Circular Mirror frame

Made by Dinuka Hewa Walpita

I wanted a mirror on top of this Drawer Chest, but I couldn’t find any suitable design.

COVID 19 coronation period gave me time to re-think about that. I did the initial design of the mirror frame with AutoCAD and developed a 3D model using 3DMax. (I started in that way because I am an Engineer with little artistic ability, but not an artist) Once I satisfied with the design, I printed 4 different cross-sections of the frame (I had a printer at home) and cut some cardboards using them as the stencil. I have used a plywood board as the base after cutting it to rough shape (I did this with an angle grinder with metal cutting wheel as I haven’t had any other proper tool for the job). I have marked everything on the board and pasted my cross-section cardboards on that. Then it was covered with old newspaper strips using glue. Then it was kept aside until the end of coronation period, as I needed access to hardware and purchase a mirror which was not possible at that time. The draft model finally covered with “Paper Mache Clay” I made for your Recipe and roughly sanded to give the final finish. I could sand it further to give a perfect finish but didn’t do thinking that could lose the “handmade appearance” of it. As I am happy with the natural cement like Grey colour, I kept it as it is. I may consider colour it in future if I feel it needs any protection.

Thanks for the Recipe.

Paper Mache Circular Mirror

Paper Mache Circular Mirror

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  1. Wow is right! You spent a lot of time planning this project and it really shows. It looks like perfection to me! You might think about applying a few coats of varnish just to protect it from humidity and possible critters. Nicely done!


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