Cat Face Using Cake Decorating Tube and Applicator

Made by Lesley Long

This project is not finished- just wanted to share the fun I had using the cake decorating stuff. I did the air dry recipe and made it pretty thick because my intent was to add some volume to areas that needed to be built up a bit.

I used a pretty large opening for my purposes. I used it to make the nose, add the lips, the bushy eyebrows and the spiky hair on top. It was fun and very helpful for me. It worked better than using a knife or spatula, which I tried.

Just fill what you want in the bag and do like you would for frosting! I used a sharp pin tool (printmaking tool) to make the lines and spike the hair up.

If I need to set the bag aside for a bit I just put the tip right in my water bowl so it would not dry up.

cat face paper mache clay

4 thoughts on “Cat Face Using Cake Decorating Tube and Applicator”

  1. Thanks, Leslie! I don’t have any cake decorating tools, though – I wonder if you could get a similar effect by using a sandwich bag with a very small corner cut off. Do you think that would work? This reminds me of the time I pressed some air dry clay through a garlic press. I couldn’t control it like you can with your cake decorating tools, but it was fun to play with. 🙂

    • My main concern there would be that the whole may become larger through use and might not work as one would like. Here’s something I used for a smaller amount for a quick fix. I have a 6 inch plastic tube with tapered end (it’s about 1.5 inches wide)- it comes with a rubber ended plunger and I have used it to administer medication to my dog. Use a blunt end knife to load in the clay, wet the tip of the plunger, and push away. This works really well. I think this item is called a syringe. Thanks.


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