Made by Margarethe Brummermann

To warm up, I started painting the burro. I again found that I really dislike acrylic paint and that painting detail on a 3 dimensional, rough surface is not the same as doing nice fluid washes of watercolor. But I kind of like him now. He has a black cross on his back and just a hint of zebra stripes on his legs.

Paper Mache burro

Paper Mache burro

4 thoughts on “Burro”

  1. He is really cute. Love him.

    Have you tried painting paper mache with watercolors? I tried it on some pumpkins with success. The process is different from acrylics, of course. I have done watercoloring for 40 years but began using acrylics ten years ago when I began paper mache. You learn after a bit and develop your own style. If you use water and glazing liquid, you can do washes. Your works are lovely. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the nice comment! I think I was also fighting not to loose to much of the texture that I worked hard to achieve. A smoother or bigger sculpture would have been easier. I just painted the Aussie, with more detail because I was asked to paint a certain individual dog. I am more comfortable now


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