Aussie and Burro

Made by Margarethe Brummermann

I’ve covered my Aussie now in paper mache clay, and because I had to make a new batch I included my old burro and some more hummingbirds.

I used the paper mache burro to test how much I can build up volume over the armature shape. So he got a more rounded belly and butt, and detail for eyes and nostrils. Of course the clay shrinks while drying, so I went over it and added seconds. In this very small guy, cracking was no problem.

The hummingbirds, after being painted in realistic designs with metallic colors, sell at my gallery for reasonable prices (I have become very fast at shaping those). I started them as xmas ornaments, but here in Arizona they sell at any time.
Dogs still seems to take too long to make as a for-sale items.

Australian Shepherd and burro in paper mache clay, ready to paint

Hummingbirds in Paper mache clay, ready to paint

4 thoughts on “Aussie and Burro”

  1. Hi Margarethe. You’re Aussie looks just like the one who lived with me for many years. He was a lucky find at an animal shelter, the best dog I ever had. By the way, does your gallery have a website? Some of our readers might live near it, and they might like to go see some of your work in person. I’d be happy to add the link to your post, if you want me to. 🙂


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