Antropomorphic duck and goose

Made by Peter

Hi Jonni,
I’m Peter and children’s book illustrator from the Netherlands and in my free time I create animals from paper mache.

I’ve been following your Youtube tutorials for many years and I’ve learned so much from you, thank you for so many years of inspiration!

We live on a little farm and our animals (cats, sheep, ducks and geese) have been my models for many pieces.

Last year I made a bunch of critters to accompany a Barbra Streisand song which I love; “Sweet Zoo”, these are all made the same way you do, crumpled news paper held together with masking tape and covered in strips and wallpaper glue followed by a skin of paper mache pulp.

This year I’ve started creating anthropomorphic creatures because I feel that with my own animals there are little people hiding under that fur 😉
I make the heads and limbs from paper mache covered in a thin layer of air dry clay to smooth out the surface (works wonderful but only if the base is rigid), then I paint them and sew the costumes.

Right now I’m working on a unicorn and fox, I may show photo’s when they are finished.

Glad I finally got the chance to share my art and thank you for being such an inspiration.

Greetings from Foppe’s Acre

paper mache zoo animals

3 thoughts on “Antropomorphic duck and goose”

  1. They are great. I could use a couple of those. It would be difficult to pick one, however. You have a great talent. Thanks.

  2. Hi Eileen, thanks for the compliments!
    Yes, I have written a story about a farting elephant named Little Paul (not yet published) and made a few paper mache pieces of him. You can find him on my blog (which I really need to update!) 😉

  3. I love all your animals! Your sweet zoo figures are fabulous with terrific expressions on their faces! Have you ever thought of incorporating your figures into your children’s stories? How cool would that be?


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