Bird Something

Made by Rex Winn

This (I could use help with what it is!) is one of my top three favorites. I made it years ago when I first found Jonni’s site. I had been making paper mache strip piggy banks, and the clay and learning about patterns changed everything. I saw creatures on the blog that I loved but hadn’t lost the balloon base. The neck was a paper towel tube. I felt totally free to do what I wanted. She sits in the bathroom and gets attention every day. (Jonni has told me not to put paper mache or watercolors in the bathroom because of the humidity, but I can’t resist. Four watercolors in there!)

While I think about it, anybody got a suggestion for her name? You artists have been a huge inspiration and teacher.

Paper Mache Bird

6 thoughts on “Bird Something”

    • Thanks, Pat. Big Bird is still sitting in the bathroom. I see her many times a day. Even though my front room is full of critters, she is still one of my favorites. Appreciate your comment.

  1. So you do allow yourself sometimes to keep the sculptures you’ve created:-).
    I like the colors and pose, I completely understand why you decided to keep this one.
    Why not name her
    Winnie the B(ird)-Rex

  2. Rex, she looks more like a pterodactyl than any bird currently on earth. Or maybe a cross between a toucan, goose and emu?
    My name vote is Winnie….sort of a play on her creator’s last name??? It was the first thing that came to me, sorry!


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