Mask didn’t go as planned!

Made by Davina Starling

Well, I was trying to copy your mask of Carl but the clay had other ideas and I gave in to it! I attempted an eye with a cataract but not sure that comes across. Since the features were so weird I thought to paint him an unnatural skin tone to go along. Oh well, I will just say l was preparing early for Halloween…and I will try again.

Creepy Mask Made with Paper Mache Clay2

Creepy Mask Made with Paper Mache Clay3

2 thoughts on “Mask didn’t go as planned!”

  1. I mixed several reds that I had and sponge layered them on. Sometimes the medium takes on a life of its own and turns into what it wants rather than what you had planned!

  2. Davina, that mask could never gone as planned! It definitely had its own identity. The cataract is perfect, and it is perfect for Halloween. Wonderful that you can think that far ahead! The features are awesome.

    The color is perfect. Do you remember the colors you used? That is the most beautiful skin tone ever. Thanks.


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