Ram Pattern Finished, Plus Drawing and Sculpting Eyes

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Hi Everyone,

You’ve seen my ram in progress over the last few weeks, but now he’s finally done. My wolf wall sculpture pattern is almost finished, too, so I was a busy gall this week. The new DIY modeling paste will actually come in handy when it’s time to paint the wolf.

Ram Pattern Finished, Plus Drawing and Sculpting Eyes

The New Ram Headdress Pattern

I gave him textured horns with paper towels and paste, but painted him really fast. (The wispy brush helped – I know I could just paint fur with a tiny brush, one hair at a time, but I’m too lazy for that!) You can see how I painted him here.

YouTube’s algorithm figured out that I was in the mood to play with clay (it knows more about us that we do!), so these next two videos showed up in my feed. I’m glad they did, because this channel has some wonderful sculpting and drawing tutorials.

I don’t sculpt portraits of people very often, and when I play around with my silly fast faces, the eyes don’t have to be “perfect.” But we can use this same idea with animal eyes, by taking a few minutes to explore the shapes of the eye in a drawing first. Maybe even look up photos of a skull of that kind of animal, to see how the bones around the eyes are built. Then when it’s time to create the eyes in three dimensions, we’d have more confidence that they’ll come out right.

And you may remember that last week I mentioned that I hoped to learn how to make resin castings – fortunately, I received an email from a reader who reminded me that resin is expensive, and it’s not very healthy. Good points! So I’ll do more research and find another way to make some castings. Maybe something like this, but I don’t know – we’ll see. :)

Remember to check out all the new projects that have been shared lately on the Daily Sculptors page – and share your own projects, too – we’d love to see how they come out. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ram Pattern Finished, Plus Drawing and Sculpting Eyes


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