Yin/Yang Dragon

Made by Paul Ferrara

To create this dragon I used newspaper, flour and water, paper clay, and epoxy sculpt for the horns, tongue, feathers, beard, and whiskers.

I was inspired to create this from an already existing illustration by Avery Multer from Chicago, you can see more of her work on Instagram hyrium26. My friend chose the image for her business that is how I discovered illustration. This is my first time ever making a sculpture from paper mache. The name of my friends business is called Dragon Heart Wellness. You can find my work on Instagram at pauly106

It took me about seven weeks from start to finish. It was particularly challenging to create the beard because I had never created hair/fur texture and feathers. To shape the feathers I used a product called “wire form” which was a god send especially since I was creating them on a rounded surface. I tried using cardboard but it was different to have it conform to the base.

yin yang dragon

3 thoughts on “Yin/Yang Dragon”

  1. This sculpture is stunning! He looks like a very friendly dragon. Your work is impeccable. Hard to believe this is your first sculpture from paper mâché. Great job!! Congrats!!

  2. Wonderful sculpture. Great dragon, and I love the painting of yin/yang. Really beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for showing us. Great creativity and talent, no doubt.


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