Wolf Puppet Using Jonni’s Wolf Mask Pattern

Made by Kerrie Lee

I was asked to make 4 realistic life-sized wolf puppets for the local high school play. I used Jonni’s Wolf Mask pattern for the faces. This was the second time I’ve been commissioned to make dog/wolf puppets, and the mask pattern made these wolves so much better than the first time when I didn’t use a pattern.

Wolf puppet closeup

Wolf puppet standing

15 thoughts on “Wolf Puppet Using Jonni’s Wolf Mask Pattern”

  1. Wow! You should teach how to do this puppet this is a very cool
    Project to do with teens
    I have a family social club where we offer tons of divers fun educative interactive and positive activities
    Do you have a pattern to create the body and a tutorial?

    • Thank you so much! I used a concrete tube for the body. I’ve shared some progress photos on Instagram (and you can kind of see what I did with the body there). I’m still working on editing the video footage of the full process though. (DreamUpArt on both IG and YouTube if you’d like to see the process.)

      • You should make a video of you walking around with it. I’ve been trying to make a life size wolf puppet for a while now and I can’t figure out how to get the feet to move like it’s walking, do you have any ideas?

        • If I desired very realistic movements, I would probably build them differently and use three puppeteers like they do in Bunraku puppetry. There’s a very good video on YouTube that demonstrates this with a wolf puppet very well: https://youtu.be/L3pHL78653A.

          I have a lot of different ideas how you could make this work with a single puppeteer… strings, pulleys, counterweights, etc. A talented puppeteer can convey a lot of realism and personality in even the simplest of puppets, so this wasn’t a requirement for my build.

  2. What a masterful execution of the wolf puppet! You are one talented person! What a lucky high school as well. Hope the play does well and the students were wowed!

  3. I am 200% blown away. At first glance, I thought, “What is she posting her dog for?” I can’t imagine any better. He looks lovable. I wonder what my girl would think of him. Thank you very much. Haven’t seen anything better. The high school must be very pleased. Wow.

    • Oh gosh, thanks so much for the nice feedback! I really can’t emphasize what a difference the mask pattern made. The face is the part that really makes or breaks the entire project, and when I look back at the dogs I made last year without the pattern, I cringe a little!


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