Made by Benjamin Mesa

The kitsune is a fox-spirit in Japanese myth that is rather complex. A white or black kitsune is said to be a positive omen, while a red is said to be devilish, and a trouble-maker. They typically tend to take the forms of beautiful women to fool men. They also have some androgynous characteristics. I decided to play with all these themes here. The work is comprised of a base of newspaper adds, (the plastic kind), with about 12 layers of rice paper on top. This was then sanded a little and painted with 6 layers of various acrylic paints. The final product is water-proof and very durable. The ears and snout are created from DAS air-dry clay that has been hollowed. They are built on an armature of cardboard.

1 thought on “Trickster?”

  1. That is so cool. It is sort of funny because I just mentioned, on Jonni’s last video, that she should make a Japanese mask. Here you made one. I was stationed in Japan in 1985 but I still enjoy some Japanese videos on YouTube. I done a Samurai mask and helmet out of paper mache but your mask turned out much nicer. Good Job!!! I normally make art out of steel.


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