7 thoughts on “Mr. Stubbs and his ball”

  1. Jennifer, I’d praise you night and day to get Mr. Stubbs and his ball, but I suspect that you may have come to your senses by now. I really don’t see how you could part with him, so please don’t feel bad if you can’t. However, if you are still willing, we can check with Jonni to see if it’s okay. Then maybe we can discuss some kind of trade or something. Because I would love to have him. In any event, it was an incredibly sweet offer.

    • Good Morning Mister Shelbot.
      First of all I can part with him. I have a cupboard full of these odd little creations.
      I’ll tell you what. I have a show coming up at a gallery and if he doesn’t sell I will talk to Jonni. Is that agreeable?

      • Good Morning Jennifer,
        Yes, of course. That would be great. Now I will have to be a horrible person and hope that he doesn’t sell. : ). I’m kidding (kinda). I sincerely wish you only the best. Always, M.S.

  2. Jennifer, He may just be my favorite of all. I am in love. Was he a gift for your friend? If so, they had to be ecstatic. He is adorable.

    • Oh Mister Shelbot! You are too kind. Especially when I see so many other sculptures on this site. Sometimes I think people may think I’m a little slow.
      Not a gift. Just an inspiration to do another piece. I love bull terriers but I am a cat person.
      Want him? A gift for your constant praise.
      Oh my! Is that breaking the rules?

      • Jennifer, if you’re wondering about my rules, I don’t have any. 🙂
        If you need Mr. Shelbot’s email address, and if he gives me permission to share it with you, just send me an email and I’ll pass it on.


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