Make an Angel Tree-Topper

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The angel tree-topper in this video was a fun, fast project. She’s made out of cardboard, plaster cloth, and home-made air-dry clay. You could replace the plaster cloth with traditional paper mache, using paper strips and paste, and you could replace the air-dry clay with paper mache clay, if you prefer it.

This is the pattern I used for the wings and arms. Feel free to use this pattern, or draw your own. If you make an angel, or any other paper mache decoration for the holidays, I’d love to see it.

Angel Tree-Topper Pattern
Angel Tree-Topper Pattern

13 thoughts on “Make an Angel Tree-Topper”

  1. Hello, thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of art I just love your work your creativity ,I’m hoping maybe you can help me , when my mom passed away my sister took all of my mom’s holiday paper mache angel’s they were made in Japan but I was hoping you can maybe teach us viewers how to make them the angel’s that my sister now has were made like in the 50’s not sure , my mom sure loved them , Please help. Again thank you for your gift of art to us viewers. Rose.

  2. I just ran across your website through a facebook page and I am watching these incredible videos! I helped my granddaughter make a paper mache pig with a soft drink bottle a few months ago but I was working from my not so good long-term memory of years ago in middle school art. Now I see that there was an easier way. She is nine-years old and dearly loves anything art as I was as a child.

    Your videos are amazing! Thank you for making them available without making people pay to watch! I will try my hand at making the paper clay as you show. I can’t wait until my granddaughter returns and we try the angel and the hummingbird! Thanks again!

    • Hi Joy. I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos. And I do hope you both have a lot of fun on your next projects. Since you will be working with your granddaughter, and she might like getting her hands in the paper mache clay, remember to use mineral oil (baby oil) instead of the linseed oil. (The baby oil will make your angel smell really nice, too.)

      • Thanks Jonni and I will use the mineral oil instead of Linseed oil. She loved what little we did with paper mache and now that I see how it is really done she will love it even more. Thanks for replying.

  3. Hello Jonni, Thanks for the angel. I have been wanting to do a tree topper for some time. Question, what were you dipping the drywall tape in to? What mix?
    Also what brand of paint do you us?
    Thanks for all the great ideas.

    • Hi Melinda. I don’t think I used any drywall tape on the angel. Were you referring to the plaster cloth? If so, I dipped it into cold water. For this project I used Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid, Golden fluid in Raw Umber, and a dab of Lumiere Pearl White. I tend to use whichever paint I have on hand – most brands seem to work just fine.

      • Sorry about saying drywall tape. I have never used plaster cloth and it looks a little like drywall tape to me. I found the p.c. at Hobby Lobby and have 2 angles ready to put air dry clay on this week. so far everything has gone quit well. Did you finish the inside of the angle.
        Thanks Melinda

  4. Jonni, Found your site today. Really enjoyed your helpful videos. I am trying to make some women figures (on my website) our of paper mache instead of clay (mud). I haven’t tried it yet but want to. I’ve made these women for many years but can’t do them in the clay anymore and need an alternative. Can’t wait to try out some of the skills you so generously shared. When I have something done I’ll post. Betsy

  5. Jonni, you are amazing and always ‘meet the need’ while doing some remarkable work!
    I am almost finished with my Crown of Thorns and had wanted to do an angel for my daughter’s mother-in-law (we usually have Christmas dinner at the in-law’s). It needed to be something fairly quick to make, too. And voila! here she is — just what I needed. She came out beautifully, too. I can’t wait to get started on one.
    Stay warm.

    • Jonni, thanks for that tutorial. I love the angel. (It reminded me of my mother who used to cut off the wings of any angels!) I never leave enough time for holiday projects. I need to begin earlier.

      It was interesting to see you do the wings. I think I would have started at the top, and now I can see what problems that would have created. I also love the glaze.

      I’m working on some bas relief paper mache flowers for Christmas. We’ll see how far I get! Thanks again.


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