How To Make Giant 2’ Gingerbread Men!

Giant Ginger Bread Men DIY

I’d like to share with you how to make Giant 2’ Gingerbread Men to stand among your holiday decorations or to hang from the ceiling and watch over you and your loved ones.

Make a Gnome – Part 2

Make a Garden Gnome

In this video we see how the gnome is covered with a hard-coating to keep out the rain, and his face is made with Magic Sculpt epoxy clay.

Snowman, Hold on to Your Nose!

This delightful paper mache snowman by Alan Wakefield includes three scheming rabbits – they’re after the snowman’s nose! I begged Alan to show us how … Read more

Painting Your Santa

Paper Mache Santa

Continued from this page … Painting Your Paper Mache Clay Santa: If you read the previous post, you know how this Santa portrait mask was … Read more