The Octopus

Made by Jon Keller

This project was made using brown paper bag paper mache .

The armatures for the tentacles were made with strong , malleable wire , covered with twisted aluminum foil.

The spherical body is a ball ( made with wire ) covered in fabric . Then it was covered with paper mache .

The little suction cups on the tentacles were made by rolling a thin roll of acrylic polymer clay. Then I sliced off about 200 very thin discs.

Using an awl I carefully twisted a hole into each of the discs. After I hardened them I glued them onto the tentacle , one at a time .

The project was done in many stages , allowing the paper mache to fully harden in between each stage .

I put on a few coats of white base pant , after which I painted it reddish brown ( acrylic ). Then the final finish was done with 3 different colors of dimensional paint .

Paper Mache Octopus by Jon Keller

Paper Mache Octopus by Jon Keller

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  1. A big ” thank you ” to all of you for your thoughtful comments. Your feedback is always appreciated.

  2. I LOVE this piece! The detail is great as is the paint job. Thanks so much for the description of how you did it; super helpful.


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