Dragon 1

Made by Billie Coker

Had so much fun making this. Lots of time but worth it.

I don’t eat cereal and I couldn’t wait for my friend’s kids to eat 6 boxes of cereal so I went through my stash and used what I had. I used some thicker cardboard for most of it and a heavy poster board for the rest. Like Jonni I don’t recommend using the thicker one. I got it to work but it was more challenging. And I had already finished putting it together before the revised pattern came out. I was okay with the first. I have since ordered the right cardboard for next project.

I changed direction from my first go round. I painted it with acrylic paint but wasn’t feeling it. So I used collage papers I had made. It was more time consuming but I love it now.

This is the first time using Jonni’s patterns. I am amazed at how much work goes into making them. I have already purchased 3 more.
Advice I would give is to watch the videos first. Saying that because I didn’t until I was into it. The videos really help. Jonni does a great job.

Dragon made by Billie Coker
Dragon made by Billie Coker

5 thoughts on “Dragon 1”

  1. Great Job!!! Thanks for sharing your talent and hard work with you followers. Love your personality and detailed description of what you are doing. How many hours do you think you put in on the entire project?
    What type of white paper do you use for the pattern?

  2. Omg! Using your own paper was such a great idea, I was trying to figure out the design on the brown parts. I love the addition of the other colors. Your hard work payed off.


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