The Lion King, Jr. musical props

Made by Kim DeKay

I am the HS Art Teacher and Set/Scenery Artist for our school’s Musical Department. Before everything began to close down this spring due to COVID-19 (we made it all the way through our final dress rehearsal before our show was postponed) I was up to my eyeballs in paper mache, wood glue, and paint :).

We enlarged some of Jonni’s patterns… Jonni’s lifesaving patterns, 25% so they would be a bit bigger for stage presence. We used the lioness pattern, Scar, Simba, and Mufasa all with modifications, the giraffe sculpture was made into a headpiece, the hyenas, and a modified hyena to make Timon.

We used Jonni’s skull cap pattern to glue our zebra mohawks to, ‘zohawks’. Our wildebeest ‘shields’ were made from corrugated cardboard then mach’ed with the wood glue and kraft paper.

The lionesses (all 14 of them) were mach’ed also with the wood glue and kraft paper, but we loved how organic and similar to the broadway version they looked, so we only painted some definition lines in the nostril area and gave them some eyeliner. We are still hoping and praying we get to do the show at some point in the future! Too much work not too.

Lion King Mask
Scar Mask for the Lion King

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  1. Thanks, Kim. Your masks turned out beautifully, and I like the way you used the natural brown of the paper. I do hope they appear on stage sometime in the future – the sooner the better!


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