The “Iron” Throne From Game of Thrones

Made by Kayla Arlt (McNerdy Costumes and Props)

After being greatly inspired by the Game of Thrones series and wanting a one-of-a-kind prop for my wedding, I spent nine months sculpting this throne from paper mache clay. I wanted a medium that was textured and durable, but also environmentally friendly. The base is a welded steel frame inside with a hydraulic lift system on wheels for easy transport, covered with plywood to create the rest of the base for the throne. Then, 1000 cardboard swords were laid in place and covered with 48 5-gallon buckets of paper mache clay. It was then sealed with a several layers of wood glue and aerosolized rubber, then painted for the finished look.

Thank you so much for the tutorials on making the paper mache clay! I struggled with the right proportions and brands, but managed to perfect it by the end of the project with the help of your videos. After finishing this project, it greatly inspired me to make other fantasy-based props and costumes out of all recycled materials and I even began making tutorials for YouTube!

Though I didn’t film the making completely, I do plan on doing a YouTube video about the process as I do some repairs to some of the corners and edges. Moving it around often tends to attract collateral damage! I also have other projects I have done that I plan on filming the process for so let me know if it’s okay to reference the channel as a place to send my viewers for details on making their own paper mache clay. Thanks again!

Paper Mache Game of Thrones

Paper Mache Game of Thrones

8 thoughts on “The “Iron” Throne From Game of Thrones”

    • Thank you for noticing! People rarely notice Sting. R.R. Martin was a huge fan of Tolkien’s work as well and it’s rumored that Gandalf’s sword, Glamdring, is one of the thousand swords in the prop used for the show!

  1. What an incredible project with equally incredible results! You are to be commended on a well thought out project , what a wow factor that must have added to your wedding! I would love to hear details on how it was used! Well done!

    • Thank you! I plan on releasing a YouTube video on my channel about it in the coming weeks. Currently I’m filming and editing other projects but you’re welcome to check out my channel! McNerdy Costumes and Props.


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