Gargantuan Tarantula Hawk is done!

Made by Elizabeth

She finally has her wings! I’ll need to hang this sculpture from the ceiling. It’s supposed to look like it’s in flight coming in to land on a tarantula.

Tarantula hawk made with paper mache clay

Tarantula hawk made with paper mache clay

9 thoughts on “Gargantuan Tarantula Hawk is done!”

  1. Gorgeous and imposing! I was lucky enough to come across one of these wasps while hiking with my dogs and friends. She had apparently just paralyzed her victim and was in the process of dragging him away to her den. We watched her quite a while pulling her victim up a steep embankment. She was tireless! Here’s a link to the video I took:

  2. This little hawk leaves me breathless. I am beyond impressed. I can’t believe the magnificence of it and what a beautiful work you have created. I hope you do another post of it “flying.”

    (Beside the point, I made a pterodactyl that is flying in my living room. On the tail and at the top of both wings I made small holes (built into the armature) that are barely big enough for a thin nylon string to fit through. I used two of the holes at the present to thread with string, and it looks like it’s coming in for a landing. I would love to see how you make this awesome thing fly.)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. That’s the most beautiful gargantuan tarantula hawk ever! I’m in love with the iridescence! The wings are magnificent also!

  4. The wings are incredible and the detail unbelievable! Waw. Can you tell us from what fabric the wings are made? 🙂


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