The Horse Head

Made by Alan Monteith

I love watching Jonni work but my skills have not matched hers. When she showed the horse videos, I felt like I could do that. I just had to try.

Horse head pattern pieces cut out
Horse head pattern pieces cut out
Pattern pieces put together
Pattern pieces put together

[Edit from Jonni – Alan sent me a link to a video he made about the horse, and this website. He said such nice things, it made me blush 🙂 He gave me permission to share it, so I’ll add it here. Thanks, Alan!]

4 thoughts on “The Horse Head”

  1. Alan & Jonni –
    Thanks SO much for sharing the video!
    I really loved listening to you, Alan. Your praise of Jonni is spot-on, and your own honesty and humble attitude are a true delight…
    “Being a man, I didn’t read the instructions until after I made the mistake…. so I got lumpy gravy.” Oh, I laughed!
    What a wonderful journey to share, thank you!
    And I’d not change a thing. Your horse is a fine creation, and should live on in his uniqueness. We are all unique after all, aren’t we?
    Thanks also for sharing your steps and some of your metal works as well!

    • Wow, thanks for your kind words. It is winter and I can not work outside so, the temptation to make something out of paper mache is there. I have been working on quilts as well. The trouble with any of my art projects is what to do with them when I am done. Even though I do not have much interest in paper mache, Jonni is such a good teacher and humble, I can not help but watch her videos. It is a good thing that I do not live in her town because I would do anything for her. Thanks again.

  2. Alan, you are way too hard on yourself, your horse is super nice, especially for a first attempt! Everything you said about Jonni is so true and she has helped so many of us! She took me from being an amateur artist to one showing my paper mache sculptures in local art shows and even teaching paper mache to an area college program. She is humble and down to earth. Just lovely! Also, her friend Rex is also a paper mache artist and watercolorist. He shares his creations on the daily sculptors pages and always adds such positive comments to others to encourage.
    Thanks for sharing your video and your first sculpture. There are no failures in sculpture, we learn from every piece. Thanks for putting into words just how we all feel about Jonni (go ahead and blush Jonni!)

    • Thanks ever so much for watching the video. I just wanted to honor Jonni for the great teacher that she is. I really enjoy watching her teaching videos. I did make another video to honor Donna Jordan who makes teaching videos of quilting. I live in a secluded area and I have no friends. So my YouTube family means a lot to me. When it gets warm out, I will do some metal art. Life is short and I just wanted others to know that Jonni is the one to go to for learning about paper machi. I appreciate her taking the time to make videos and for helping so many others.


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