The Armadillo

Made by Jon Keller

I haven’t posted any projects lately because I had to do a few portraits…… but I finally found the time to do a small paper mache project. This little guy was made from used printer paper, water and white glue. I painted him in a Mexican folk art style . A very fun little project , which took me three days from start to finish.

Paper mache armadillo before painting

4 thoughts on “The Armadillo”

  1. Ok Jon, here we go again about the armadillo. Are the scales/armor a separate piece/layer over the top or is it all one piece? I am asking because I’ve wanted to do an armadillo for a while. I want to do a black and white rendition with each layer of scales alternating black and white. I really haven’t thought it thru well but it would be much easier to do each alternating layer in just cereal box cardboard so it can be easily bent.

  2. Hi Pat…..
    When I did my recent project , ” The Dragon Hatchling ” , I had made two paper mache eggs , a large one and a small one . I ended up using the large one for that project ( the size was worked better ) so I had an extra paper mache egg laying around. After a while , it occurred to me that the extra egg had a somewhat similar shape to an armadillo. So , I used the paper mache egg for the main body of the armadillo. There is no real armature in this project . The egg is quite sturdy , strong enough to serve as an exoskeleton ( more or less ). The 4 legs are wooden dowels attached to the egg and the head /ear section has a rigid cardboard support underneath the paper mache . The tail is twisted aluminum foil attached to a wooden dowel which slides into a hole in the back of the egg ( the tail is removable ) . The entire project was an unplanned evolution .
    Thank you for your interest and your thoughtful comments.


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