Artsy Armadillo

Made by Pat Wilson

Cardboard armature filled in with newspaper. Head and feet were foil and covered with pm clay. The overlapping stripes are cereal box cardboard painted and bended to fit like a real armadillo’s scales. I thought black and white pattern just fit this little guy fine.

13 thoughts on “Artsy Armadillo”

  1. People around my neck of the woods hate armadillos (destructive invasive species) but I would love to have that little guy hanging around my yard. The fun color really pops.

  2. Hi Pat….. I was wondering why you named it aardvark ( being as it’s an armadillo ! ).
    Excellent job……. very whimsical .
    Using strips of cereal box cardboard is great. I do stuff like that…. I have trouble throwing things away as I always wonder if things could be used in a project . I have hundreds and hundreds of plastic container caps ( all different sizes and colors ) as I wait for project inspiration ………

    • I guess you didn’t see my comment about getting the name wrong. Yes it is an armadillo. I’ve made an aardvark before but obviously this isn’t it. Oh well, it pays to think before you post I guess.

      • Pat, I should have noticed myself before posting it, but I’m having fun reading the comments about your aardvark/armadillo. If you’d like me to change the title of your post, I’d be happy to do that. Just let me know. 🙂

    • Actually I did read your post explaining that you labeled it wrong. I was wondering why it said ” ardvaark” . In any case you did a great job…. keep up the good work !


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