Silly Bird

Made by Rex Winn

There is a long story to this silly little bird; however, as she ended up, she is more curious than silly. She began years ago when a cousin was visiting and either said she could never do such a thing or do paper mache. I told her, “Of course you could. This is how Jonni begins.” I picked up a little piece of newspaper, crumbled it into a ball, stuck a smaller ball on its head, and a piece of loose cereal box beak went on her beak. I dabbed on a little bit of clay to show her how easy it was. For three years she’s been sitting on my work table, in a drawer, in another project box, etc. I cleaned off my table and said, “All right, enough of the show-and-tell.” As I raised my hand to throw her in the garbage, she squawked. First a beak, then the claws, then eyes, wings, and tail. She changed from some type of little monster into a little curious thing who is now making her rounds, as you can see. She is a little joy already.

Silly bird with giraffe sculpture


Silly bird with rhino sculpture

10 thoughts on “Silly Bird”

  1. Your silly bird is wonderful! She could be sitting anywhere and be giving that curious expression. But the giraffe!!! Oh my, that is beautiful work! Obviously you are a very talented artist!

    • I’m thinking of doing a larger giraffe as a gift.
      Thanks about silly bird. She does flit here and there!

  2. Silly Bird is ADORABLE!!! How could you ever consider tossing her out. So glad you saved her and share her along with your other great works. We are always our worst critics. Imagine all the amazing things we have been deprived of seeing because great work was tossed in the trash.

    Long live Silly Bird!

  3. Your bird has so much personality and is simply adorable. Her curiosity is endearing. Thanks for sharing her and her story with us. I’m glad she didn’t end up in the trash!

  4. Thank you, Jonni. She came about as a result of how to make a chicken in “make animal sculptures” and “fast faces.” I don’t think outside the box a lot, and fast faces kind of put me there. Thanks for those gifts.


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