Made by Orlando Ginarte

The snail is made of compressed paper covered with tape and acrylic Gesso painted with white acrylic and then colored.
By the way to smooth “Nature Girl’s ” face I used white glue mixed with acrylic Gesso and Calcium carbonate

Polymita snail made with paper mache clay

6 thoughts on “Polymita”

  1. Oh, now I see what your gal had on her head! Perfect for a nature girl! I like the tip on getting things so smooth as well. Thanks for sharing your secret!

  2. AND I just want to say I love your snail. I love the colors, the blending of colors, and the creature. He could be sitting anywhere in my home emanating a warm feeling.

    How big is he? Looks good size.

      • Thanks, Orlando. People think I’m crazy, but I work in metric system, even the grids for paper mache. When they ask me why, I tell them, “I’m not going to try to figure out what half of 1 3/4″ is. And why are we the only country in the world not using metric? I even use it for woodworking.” In any case, I love the snail. I’d love one about 15 cm tall and I could use it for a doorstop!


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