6 thoughts on “First lady”

  1. Very nice features here. Amazing for a first project. You are an expert at making her face smooth. Nice work. What’s next?

    • I am working on William the Egyptian Hippo that I started 2 years ago but I found it too difficult with the foil. (Not having much sensation in my hands.)
      Almost ready too use paper mâché clay and painting this May be enjoyable instead of stressful..like usual.
      P.s this isn’t my first project, just my first face.Thank you!
      My best project so far is my Chicken, posted here several months back.
      I have a hard time finding my past posts, prob because I’m not giving better titles.

      • Linda, the reason you can’t find your chicken is because you posted it before we got the new system. It was posted in the comment area, and WordPress search function doesn’t search the comments. I found it through the back-end of the site, and you can see it here. Feel free to share your chicken again, if you’d like – then everyone would be able to find it. 🙂

      • Oh, that is a nice chicken.

        The project I’m working on now I’m taking a different approach. I am using foil on it, but I decided to cover it with masking tape. I think it has helped me see more clearly. Can’t wait to see the hippo.


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