Made by Erika Thompson

My mother rest her soul used to make it and I tried to copy it from knowledge collected from her and made it for my mother in law as a gift. I used strips of newspaper and glue with a balloon.

5 thoughts on “Piggybank”

  1. Good morning. Yes it is a bottle cap. No it was not made over a bottle. I used a big balloon with paper strips and glue( 3 layers) Cut the front piece of a super m milkshake bottle and fit over front piece of the balloon and stick it with masking tape to stay in place. Then continue with paper strips and glue for a further 4 layers until it is hard enough. Before the last layers is applied cut out the nose area and the coin slot. I used the biggest coin in south- Africa.

  2. Good morning. You start it of with a balloon and stick paper and glue. 3 layers. After the paper and glue is dry you pop the balloon and cut open a 1 liter super m milkshake plastic bottle of witch the front piece is used only. Open it up on the sides to fit over the balloon and make sure the mouth is big enough. Stick it with masking tape to stay in place. Then continue with paper strips and glue. feet are made with toilet rolls with rolled up paper inside to make it stronger. Ears are made from a thin carton.

  3. It’s really cute, Erica! Is that a bottle cap on his nose? If so, does that mean the pig is made over a bottle, and that’s why it’s hollow? That’s a really clever idea – I may need to “borrow” your mum’s idea some day, if you wouldn’t mind. 🙂


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