DIY: Papier-mâché Frozen-inspired Ice Castle Tutorial, it lights up!

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DIY Paper Mache Ice Castle If you have any young fans of the Frozen movie, I know you’ll love this video that jakeakawayne posted on YouTube this morning. I get a lot of emails and comments asking me how to make a translucent sculpture, and I’ve never had an answer for them before. Now, I’ll be able to direct them to this video. I can imagine a lot of different items where this technique would work really well – lighted dragon eyes, perhaps?

Now, I’m going to make a confession – I haven’t seen the Frozen movie yet. And I’ve never used Mod Podge, either, but the success of this project is making me think I might have to try it someday. Since I didn’t make this video myself, if you need any additional instructions I probably won’t be able to help. However, you can find the creator of this video out on YouTube, and I’m sure he’ll be willing to answer your questions. And, of course, other readers of this blog are always willing to help out their fellow artists with creative suggestions.

This is the first time that I’ve posted a video that was created by someone else. Let me know if you think I should be doing it more often, or not – your opinion is always important to me.


11 thoughts on “DIY: Papier-mâché Frozen-inspired Ice Castle Tutorial, it lights up!”

  1. hi i am a novice. can anybody post something on how to create a teeth, like teeth of a dragon or animal…tnx.

    • The easiest way to do it is to make the teeth using polymer clay, bake them to make them hard, and then glue them into place in your paper mache sculpture. I think that’s the way Dan Reeder makes the teeth in his dragons’ mouths.

  2. Hi Jonni,
    Can you please tell me about the Golden’s acrylic glazing liquid you use. Is this gloss or satin? I recently purchased your mask book and saw where you used this but when I started to order there were too many choices! Thanks.

    • Hi Suzanne. I use the satin, and I use the Golden brand glazing liquid. But it may just be a matter of personal preference.

      Be sure to show us your masks when they’re done!

  3. Thanks, Jonni! I really appreciate that you featured my project on your blog. This is such a great resource for paper mache and I’m constantly returning for more information. Happy Holidays everyone!

    • Happy holidays to you, too – and thanks for giving us a link to your site, as well. I couldn’t find the link on YouTube. :)

  4. I totally agree with Christine and Nancy. I think we all trust your judgement…if you think its interesting and/or relevant then go for it!

  5. I agree with Christine. This is the lighting answer I’ve been wondering about. Thank you for re-posting this!

  6. Hi Jonni, I watched the video and it was a very cool idea. The application to different projects is mind boggling. Yes, in my view, if it is relevant to our goals as paper mache artists, it would be nice to be directed to other videos.


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