Paper Mache Photo Prop Egg, Chair, Shelves, and More

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There’s been a flurry of activity this week, with many people sending in their wonderful practical paper mache ideas. I want to thank everyone who helped so much with this project – I think we now have 27 different ideas for using paper mache to create functional, practical, and beautiful items to use around the home.

Please follow the links below to see all the new projects – you definitely don’t want to miss any of them. First, of course, is the angel chair you see here, which was sent in by Mat McCoy. (That’s his daughter modeling the chair – she helped build it, as well.)

Sharon Moreno sent in her second project,  Christmas balls made out of paper mache, in two different styles – elegant and glittery, and joyfully whimsical. Also be sure to check the main Practical Paper Mache page for the other ideas that Sharon sent in previously.

Teri Niemeyer sent in photos of a wonderful paper mache photo prop egg. In the weeks before Easter a lot of people were looking for instructions for making large eggs that a baby could sit in – now we not only have photos of an egg in progress, but we get to see how it looks with a delightful little model sitting inside it.

Monica Franco sent photos of her bird bowl, modeled after Kevin, a character in the movie Up. I haven’t seen the movie, but if all the characters are this much fun, I might just do that. Monica said she used materials she had on hand, so it only cost the labor and creativity she put into it.

Beth Lyons sent in two practical paper mache projects – a custom-made shelf to hold her foodsaver, with storage room underneath to fit the rolls, Sharpie Marker and bag cutter that she uses when vacuum storing meals; and a holster for her hot glue gun. Both ideas are great practical ways to use paper mache.

And finally, Deyana Viktorsson sent in photos of kids having a lot of inventive fun with just a large cardboard box, a stick, and a bit of paper mache. Since the photos tell a story, I added them to the page where you can also see the paper mache toy boat that Deyana sent in previously.

Now that the deadline for submitting ideas is past, I’ll start putting our ebook together. It shouldn’t take more than a week. If you still have a project that you really wanted to include in the ebook but you didn’t quite get it finished in time, go ahead and submit it now. It’s still not too late – we don’t stand on formalities on this blog, after all.

And then we should start thinking about another project to work on together. I’ve had a blast seeing all these creative ideas – and I intend to use several of them myself. Did you have fun working on this collaborative project? If so, what do you think we should we work on next?

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