Paper Mache Doll Furniture, Jessie’s Paintings, etc.

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We received our latest practical paper mache project submission yesterday. Christine Majul used some paper mache, some items that we usually throw away, and some ingenuity to make patio furniture for dolls. This project reminds me of the time, not very far in our past, when all toys were made by hand, and often by a parent or the children themselves. Wouldn’t Christmas be so much more fun if handcrafted toys and gifts were the highlight of the day (after the religious part, of course) instead of plastic-wrapped boxes from Toys “R” Us?

"Piggyback," Oil Painting by Jessie Rasche
“Piggyback,” Oil Painting by Jessie Rasche

And etc.: I recently learned that some of Jessie’s beautiful oil paintings are now available as prints. I’m can’t wait for my copy of Jessie’s self-portrait, “Piggyback” to arrive in the mail. I visited Jessie and family a few weeks ago and saw this and other paintings “in person” for the first time. What a treat for a proud mom.

And a reminder – the deadline for your own submissions to this project is coming up soon. I know you’re outside enjoying the nice weather, but if you’d like your project to be included in the Practical Paper Mache ebook that I’ll be putting together soon, be sure to submit your project before May 30.

You can see Christine’s paper mache doll furniture here, and in case you missed them you can see all the other submissions for the Practical Paper Mache project here. You’ll notice that each project now has it’s own page. If you particularly like one of the projects, please take a moment to comment on their page and let them know.

2 thoughts on “Paper Mache Doll Furniture, Jessie’s Paintings, etc.”

  1. Jessie’s painting is wonderful. I love the colors she chose and the subject matter is priceless.
    I’m still planning on making the baby rhino but have had to put it on hold as my hands need a rest.

    • And that painting looks just like both my daughter and my grandson. I may be prejudiced, but I think it’s perfect.

      You might still beat me with your rhino – the garden needs so much work, and there are so many books I’m dying to read, and I’m trying to re-learn how to knit. Even though the big baby is taking up my entire kitchen table, I just can’t seem to find time to work on him. I think this is a “race” of tortoises. But that’s ok, right?


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